What if You Could Find Your Fix for Eczema?

Discover the real cause of your eczema and how to finally fix it without creams!


Many people feel like they have tried everything to heal their eczema and are not seeing ANY results - but there's something they are missing.

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 Their specific type of eczema tells them exactly how it should be treated.



The problem is... 

  • They’ve tried the creams, the soaps, the foams… yet nothing seems to work.
  • Their itching is getting worse, so they keep hunting for answers.
  • They are sick of trying dermatologist after doctor and getting the same answers.
  • They are tired and self conscious from scratching all the time.
  • They have started to realize, maybe creams just aren’t cutting it.


Everyone with eczema is treated the same…. steroids and creams. 


If you’ve ever been told that your eczema can be treated with a cream alone, you’ve only been told part of the story


We assume that eczema is just a skin problem. We’re always looking for the next “miracle cream”. But if you keep trying to heal your eczema with topicals alone, you’ll always be chasing symptoms. 


Healing your eczema starts with knowing what’s causing it in the first place.

But the alternatives are slim. Guessing and Googling. Midnight Facebook group searches while you scratch yourself to sleep.


Eczema overwhelm is imminent once you start down the research rabbit hole. 


You get conflicting advice from EVERYONE.


You don’t know whether to try avoiding your favorite food group (cheese!), try that new supplement or keep searching for the next “miracle” cream. 


You know you can’t keep doing this.


You know you can’t keep dealing with outbreak after outbreak, never knowing when it will come or what’s really causing it.


Your eczema is unique.


You don’t have the same type of eczema as everyone giving you advice. 


Some of these people have never even had eczema. 

Imagine if: 

  • You could wear whatever you want without worrying what others think of your skin or whether they’ll see your patches of eczema. 
  • You knew why your eczema was popping up behind your knees, inside your elbows, around your eyes, on your hands or anywhere else on your body. 
  • You stopped filling your Amazon cart with creams you found online.

Imagine if you knew exactly how to heal your eczema, because you finally knew what was causing it?

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Here’s the good news:

You do not have to keep suffering or guessing.


You just need to identify your unique eczema type, so you know how to start treating correctly.  

And the best part, is that once you know your eczema type, the plan for healing is clear

I'm ready to fix my Ecxema

Want to know what these ladies think about Find Your Fix For Eczema? 


Trust me, I've been there.

 Welcome, friend! I'm Christa and I'm an integrative dietitian nutritionist.

I used to “deal” with my eczema, believing it was “normal” and “genetic” at first. My sisters had it and it seemed I would only flare in certain seasons. I had made quiet adaptations (no dark clothing, please!) until one day, it blew up after taking my kids to swimming lessons for a week. 

I woke up itching and planned my wardrobe around the flakes. But what I remember is how people looked at me, asking what was on my skin. My trial and error to clear skin was a long, painstaking process of learning from multiple providers, doing research and synthesizing it with my education until I got a breakthrough and my skin began to calm.

I constantly felt the need to explain it away, trialing products like it was my job and smearing whatever cream I could find in the cabinet at 3 AM. My face hurt, swelled and cracked. I TRIED to find a skilled practitioner to help me, but it was the same set of tools over and over. Creams or $$$ foams that thinned my skin or didn’t help that much. 

I had a couple major problems: 

  1. No one knew what to do to help me. 
  2. Nor did they care as much about my skin as me. 

So I had to take matters into my own hands. 

My friend, we take our clear skin for granted.

Until it’s angry with us and we don't understand why. Because eczema never gets better on its own forever. It goes away for a while, then it comes back, usually worse than before. 


What if you knew what was going on so you could calm it down quickly?

What if you stopped having flares at all or they became so infrequent you didn’t even think about your skin?

What if people complimented you on your radiant skin?

It is possible to have the clear skin you’ve always wanted.

And I'm here to show you how. 
It starts with knowing what type of eczema you have so you know exactly what to do.


Which is why I created the 

Find your Fix for Eczema Mini Course:

Discover the real cause of your eczema and how to finally fix it without creams!


I'm ready to fix my Eczema

What's included:

  • Three 30-minute expert videos going through the AIM Framework to fasttrack eczema healing
  • Access to the Eczema Subtype Quiz to learn where to start healing your skin today
  • Simple action steps to help you say goodbye to eczema overwhelm, because you know exactly what to do next

How we do it:

We use the AIM Framework to help you identify your eczema subtype, so you finally know how to treat it.

Assess: Why do you have eczema?

Identity: What is your eczema subtype?

Move on: What do you need to do next?


By the end of this mini program, you’ll know: 

  • How to stop flare ups and avoid steroids. 
  • What it means & what to do when eczema shows up inside your elbows and behind your knees versus on your face, neck and hands.
  • How to stop relying on Benadryl and allergy meds daily. 

Find Your Fix For Eczema


Mini Course

  • 3  30-min expert videos on what, why & how to start healing your eczema
  • Access the Eczema Subtype Quiz so you know where to start healing your skin
  • Simple action steps for your eczema type so you say goodbye to eczema overwhelm; you know exactly what to do now! 
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The Fix Your Fix For Eczema Mini Course:

  • Gets you out of left field and headed for a home run to heal your eczema. 

  • Was created by an eczema author and expert that understands eczema more intimately because she has been where you are right now. 

  • Has been tested and refined with help from hundreds of participants before being offered to you at this super low rate. 

This program takes less than a weekend to finish and have answers for eczema healing.


I'm ready to fix my Eczema