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Eczema pretty much sucks.

Sleep interrupted by itching? ✓ Check 

Feel like everyone is looking at your eczema? ✓ Check 

Stop wearing black because your skin might flake on it? ✓ Check 

Have a graveyard of lotions, creams and oils you’ve tried to put on it without much success? ✓ Check 

Waiting for eczema to heal feels like watching paint dry? ✓ Check

Feeling like you don’t have any great options? ✓ Check 

I could go on, because I’ve been there.

A little dryness I thought was “my normal” turned into an ugly skin revenge stemming from multiple root causes I felt helpless to handle.

Test results come up short. I was actually told “I could do nothing” when the skin around my eyeballs, head and neck were peeling off in sheets. 

Piecing together the solution took longer than anyone would want. 

But the result is what lead to the page you’re reading. 

You’d love a shortcut. 

And as it turns out, after helping so many men, women and children with their unique skin issues, you learn some short(er)cuts. 

You see, eczema research can be a bit general. While this might slowly change over the next couple decades, for now, we're throwing a lot of skin conditions in a bucket and expecting them to respond the same to one treatment option, leaving much eczema research to have an "inconclusive" result. 

We’re using one condition--eczema--to name and characterize over 10 subconditions, from seborrheic dermatitis to contact, hand, nummular, and molloscum style skin irritations. 

Generic treatment options aren't working. 

Every eczema case behaves a bit differently.


And you deserve a personalized approach that is unique to your specific skin story. 


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Work Together 1:1 to Fix your Eczema

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Who is your Eczema Nutritionist?

Christa Biegler is an integrative dietitian nutritionist that specializes in skin and digestive issues and helps people overcome food sensitivities, reduce allergy severity, rebalance hormones, overcome significant fatigue and more. She is the author of The Eczema Diet & Cookbook and host of The Less Stressed Life podcast.

She sees clients virtually and spends her free time figuring out what odd things her chickens will eat and sharing it on Instagram at @christabieglerrd.

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