Root Causes of Eczema: bacterial imbalances

Eczema and skin rashes are not just one trigger, but often a “perfect storm” of many triggers. 
Today, let’s talk about bacterial overgrowths. 
Bacterial overgrowths are kind of like weeds in a lawn. There are many situations that allow weed overgrowth and too many of them shift your lawn (or microbiome) from looking lush and beautiful to looking, well, weedy. 
The same thing can happen as a root cause of eczema. Again, there are usually a few co-factors, like digestive inadequacies or the skin acting as an organ of elimination, but an overgrowth of “weeds” or opportunistic bacteria is a common root cause I see in practice. 
Let’s take the case of Eli: 

Case Study: Eli’s eczema flares
Eli’s eczema had an interesting pattern. A couple of days before he got common cold symptoms, his skin would start flaring. When we saw his stool test, there was no denying his eczema was...
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Eczema Podcasts Round Up

Podcasts are such a great way to gain new pearls about eczema for free. Here is a round up of some fabulous eczema podcast episodes: 

Integrative Dermatology for Eczema with Dr Peter Lio on The Less Stressed Life Podcast (published March 18, 2020) 

Addressing skin rashes like eczema in babies and young children with Jennifer Caryn Brand, MS, CNS on The Less Stressed Life Podcast (published March 25, 2020)

Nutrients for skin health with Chris Masterjohn on The Less Stressed Life Podcast (published April 1, 2020) 

Causes of eczema and Ayruvedic dermatology with Dr. Raja Sivamani, MD on The Less Stressed Life Podcast (published April 8, 2020) 

Candida and Fungal Overgrowth on The Less Stressed Life Podcast (published April 15, 2020) 

How Sulfur Can Trigger Skin Rashes on The Healthy Skin Show, episode 42 

Why You Shouldn't Use Coconut Oil on Your Skin with Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS episode 59 of The Less Stressed Life podcast (published April 24, 2019)


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